• Avi Moyal

  • Master 2 Chairman & Head Instructor of the IKMF

    Avi Moyal, the current chairman of the International Krav Maga Federation, was born in 1966 and has been studying Krav Maga since childhood. He quickly demonstrated a profound proficiency that his instructors began having him teach at an early age. Imi himself was the key component and guide in his training, and would correct him in the most simple yet impactful manner without even saying a word. According to Avi, Imi was always thinking about Krav Maga and his manner and lifestyle greatly affected Avi's decision to dedicate his life to Krav Maga. Avi has now been teaching Krav Maga for more than 35 years!

    In 1985 he reached the Expert level and joined the IDF Marines. He completed his Officer's training with excellence and served as a Platoon Commander in a Terror Demolition Unit. He accumulated a massive amount of combat hours and experience while commanding subordinates on special operations in Lebanon including highly specialized missions behind enemy lines with various SWAT units. He also provided VIP protection for a high ranking IDF General and an intelligence officer. After active duty, Avi served as a Reserves Platoon Commander in a special operations unit.

    Avi Moyal graduated all of his trainer’s courses including the senior trainer's course in the Wingate Institute. He later taught the same instructor’s courses in the Wingate institute for 7 years. Today Avi is one of the highest ranking Krav Maga Masters in the world.

  • IKMF Krav Maga Interview w/ Avi Moyal

  • Among Avi’s instructors were Eli Avigzar (rest in peace) and of course Imi Lichtenfeld (rest in peace). As a matter of record, Avi was Imi’s direct and most trusted student which can be demonstrated from the fact that Avi is the former Chairman of the 'Aguda' (the very first Krav Maga organization). He's now led both the Aguda and the IKMF after the passing of Imi Lichtenfeld.

    Avi is still the active Chairman of the International Krav Maga Federation where he leads and guides the organization in continuing the vision of Master Imi Lichtenfeld, the founder and creator of Krav Maga by teaching proper techniques to instructors and students across the world as well as promoting the growth of this amazing community that brings together people of all nationalities, languages, and religion.

    Additionally, Avi is the leading expert and authority in Israel in teaching Krav Maga. He continues to serve in the governmental sector Advisor to the Minister of Sport and Education in the area of Krav Maga.

    Avi also instructs men, women, children and adults in the Israeli private, commercial and governmental sectors. At the request of the Israeli government Avi developed and expanded upon the Krav Maga techniques for Women's Self Defense, Car Rage Defense and Children’s Self Defense programs. Avi still currently trains and teaches various military units and security organizations across the world and has been doing so for more than 20 years.

    So, what makes Avi such a renowned and respected authority in the world of Krav Maga?

    He maintains the greatest 'real world' experience in Krav Maga. He has proven IDF combat experience as an officer as previously covered and has also provided VIP protection in the civilian arena for world famous entertainment personalities one of which was the late Michael Jackson.

    Avi has also published a booklet about Krav Maga for grade school pupils, which is one of his areas of expertise. It is distributed throughout Israel and it will soon be translated and published abroad.

  • A Summary of Avi Moyal

    Co-Founder & Current Chairman of the International Krav Maga Federation

    Avi Moyal

    Studied Directly Under Imi Lichtenfeld

    More than 35 Years Experience Teaching Krav Maga

    Also Studied Under Eli Avikzar the head of the 'Aguda'

    Received his Expert Level in 1985, the Youngest Ever


    Avi & the Israeli Defense Force

    Enlisted upon Completion of his Expert Level to the Marine Corps

    Completed Officers Training with Honors

    Platoon Commander in Terror Demolition Unit

    Served with SWAT Behind Enemy Lines

    Provided VIP Protection to a General and Intelligence Officer


    Avi & the International Krav Maga Federation 

    Received Expert Levels 2 & 3 from Imi Lichtenfeld

    Taught at the Wingate Institute in Israel

    Developed the Following Programs for the Israeli government:

    Women's Self-Defense

    Car Rage Defense

    Childrens Self-Defense