• Krav Maga Military Training

  • In 1948, when the state of Israel was born, David Ben Gurion chose to release and disband all the resistance organizations that were opposing the British mandate as well as the local Arab population. David then created a central powerful army that needed to be better trained than all their enemies because of the small size of the country. This new army became known as the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). Imi Lichtenfeld, on of the hand-to-hand combat trainers in one of the resistances was chosen to lead the training of the Israeli military.
    Imi was given many scenarios and challenges to which he had to create answers for that military troops would need to be capable of completing in a variety of dangerous environments. This included: rope climbing while carrying extra weight such as a person or equipment, landing safely from a high jump, taking down an enemy guard and using the rifle as a cold weapon (when you can't or would rather refrain from firing).
  • This was the entire purpose of Krav Maga in his time and the military was the main focus for its development. Because the military can't afford to waste millions of dollars per soldier for decades of combat training, Krav Maga had to be taught to anyone and in a short period of time. Because of this, the techniques and the way of teaching are an integral part of the system: they cannot be separated. A soldier is a warrior, i.e. a tool to be used by a country for its protection, to preserve the well-being and standard of life of its population and to protect the country's interests.

  • Military Instructor Course (MIC)

    Exclusive only to Israel is the Military Instructor Course, which now includes the add-on of the Warrior's Quest is our advanced program for military personnel.
    This 10-day quest will take you on a 470 km (nearly 300 miles or roughly 29 miles each day) journey to the locations where Israel fought long and hard for its survival. Participants of the quest will be led by GIT Israel Cohen with the guiding team of GIT Dan Oren, GIT Marcus Torgerson and IKMF chairman and head instructor Avi Moyal.
    Within the MIC, there are many advanced training techniques unique to the military in regards to the self defense for an armed warrior.
    During your 10 day quest, you will:
    • Gain a variety of tactical skills from different Krav Maga specialists in Law Enforcement, Military and VIP Protection;
    • You will learn how to use your rifle as a cold weapon;
    • You will learn and practice how to fight in pairs and as well as in teams;
    • You will learn and be capable of navigating in urban areas and open terrain.
    Participants who successfully complete and pass this course will then be certified as Military Instructors with the IKMF.  Please feel free to contact us and inquire more for the additional training opportunities that we have available in Israel.