• Self-Defense Courses and Stun Guns to Keep You Safe

  • Engaging in self-defense courses provides peace of mind that you will be able to protect yourself against the challenges and dangers that lurk in every corner. Self-defense courses not only teach you to shield yourself against aggression and attacks, but also provide you with exercise. They promote self-confidence so you don’t have to feel helpless in any situation and can take full control. These courses also enhance social interaction with people who are in the same training as yourself.

    Apart from self-defense classes, you might also consider arming yourself with a stun gun that can immobilize potential attackers. There are situations where a stun gun may be useful, for instance against an assailant who is more powerful than you, or life-threatening instances where neutralizing the opponent immediately is crucial to your safety. However, not everyone can carry these weapons so check the list of states where stun guns are legal and permitted.