• Sharpening the Spear with Tamir

  • Sharpening the Spear for ALL IKMF Instructors & G Students

    Krav Maga Joplin invites you to a unique training opportunity for all North American IKMF Instructors and G level students. You do not want to miss this course. Come spend 5 days training, testing, and re-certifying with E5 and head of IKMF testing Tamir Gilad. We will spend 4 days training and polishing every technique and test and re-certify on the 5th day. Also there will be a car jacking seminar free to attendees and a live fire shooting and bbq event the last day.

    This is more than just training. This will be a fun time of sharing skills, getting to know all our fellow instructors, and learning from the best. We will all leave as the best Practitioners and Instructors we can be. And my hope is we will leave with more friends and connections than we came with. I hope to see you in August!

    Please contact me with any questions at this Email (josh@joplinironworks.com) my personal cell is (417) 529-2182) or on Facebook at Joshua IKMF Vandiver.