• Women’s Krav Maga

  • Women's Krav Maga techniques were developed by Avi Moyal, the chairman of the IKMF due to growing demand as part of Krav Maga self-defense solutions created for civilians. As this focuses on the needs of women, and most importantly women in situations where they are being attacked for sexual assault where one in three women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime, we cannot but stress the assistance these classes can provide.

    Women's Krav Maga for self-defense allows women of all ages to quickly learn key self-defense techniques that will place them in a more secure situation when brought into unexpected attacks on their persons.

    IKMF offers several women Krav Maga courses:

    • A 3 to 4 hours seminar,
    • Three day workshop and a
    • Five day women's instructor course aimed for certified IKMF civil instructors.
  • Women's Krav Maga methods deal with situations from a woman's daily routine, from as simple as walking to the car or to their door, jogging on the sidewalk, and much more! IKMF Women's training will demonstrate what can happen in these scenarios, where threats may appear, and teaches, systematically, how to maintain your calm under unexpected assaults and defend yourself with effective counter attacks to eliminate the danger as well as put their your enemy out of commission at least long enough to escape to safety.

  • Women's Krav Maga - Stay Away Program for Sexual Assault

    Stay Away is a self-defense program developed by the IKMF designed specifically from a woman's physical and psychological standpoint. Since 1997, over 30,000 women around the world have attended these seminars with incredible success.

    Since its inception, this program has evolved, but the core has remained constant. This program tackles the issues of differences between the attacker and the woman; it focuses on a womans size, strength, and mental condition while under attack.

    The 'Stay Away' program offers a number of different options. Most women value their financial security and tend to put the family first. There is no greater gift a woman can give to herself and her family than the gift of safety!

    Women's self defense with IKMF Krav Maga is mainly concerned with preventing and protecting oneself in sexual assault scenarios, because they are a very real threat for women all over the world and especially here in the USA. Because sexual assault is emotionally disturbing and very often difficult to discuss, the IKMF women's self defense techniques involve substantial emotional training to insure women they are posses the ability to defend themselves, foster self confidence and also necessary aggressiveness for when the fear of an actual assault takes place. Defenses have been modified to accommodate women's generally smaller and lighter physiques, as well as their state of mind during this extreme duress.

    This course also includes self defense during home invasions, third part protection for children, and using common objects on hand (keys, handbag etc.) to block the assailant and counterattack effectively. Additionally to these women self defense classes offered in any IKMF international branch by certified IKMF instructors, IKMF has also produced an exclusive women self defense DVD.

    The DVD is extremely valuable to begin learning effective self defense techniques with perspective of what is occuring during various scenarios. This greatly helps with being able to process the assault when it happens from a more logical and mentally stable position and being able to maintain composure to use the most effective techniques at the right time.

    Also, the Women's Self Defense DVD is used as an ausiliary teaching tool for our certified IKMF women instructors. For direct online purchase please go to our online shop to purchase your copy of the Women's self-defense DVD for techniques that will literally save your life.