• IKMF United States of America

  • International Krav Maga Federation USA


    Founded by Imi Lichtenfeld (Sde-Or)

    The Creator of Krav Maga


    Co-Founder & Current Chairman of the International Krav Maga Federation

    Avi Moyal

    Studied Directly Under Imi Lichtenfeld

    More than 35 Years Experience Teaching Krav Maga

    Also Studied Under Eli Avikzar the head of the 'Aguda'

    Received his Expert Level in 1985, the Youngest Ever


    Avi & the Israeli Defense Force

    Enlisted upon Completion of his Expert Level to the Marine Corps

    Completed Officers Training with Honors

    Platoon Commander in Terror Demolition Unit

    Served with SWAT Behind Enemy Lines

    Provided VIP Protection to a General and Intelligence Officer


    Avi & the International Krav Maga Federation 

    Received Expert Levels 2 & 3 from Imi Lichtenfeld

    Taught at the Wingate Institute in Israel

    Developed the Following Programs for the Israeli government:

    Women's Self-Defense

    Car Rage Defense

    Childrens Self-Defense

  • Chairman of the IKMF, Avi Moyal

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